Does Starbucks Have Christians Seeing Red?

Does Starbucks have Christians seeing red?

Judging by the mainstream media, the answer is yes. This controversy has already been covered by the likes of CNBC, The Chicago Tribune, Us Magazine, CNN, ABC News, and many others.

In past years, the coffee company has brought out red coffee cups with various Christmas themes at this time of year, featuring Christmas trees, deer, snowflakes, and the like.

But this time, Starbucks has decided to jettison these designs, and just go with a basic red cup. And to hear the media reaction, Christians across the nation our outraged about this.

Why all this fuss over a red cup? When I first heard about this alleged outrage, it didn’t quite pass the smell test. And so, I wondered which Christian leader(s) are spearheading this controversy. Was it Billy Graham, or his son Franklin? Nope.

The Family Research Council? Nope.

The American Family Association? Nothing about red ups on their website.

Albert Mohler? Not him.

Fox News? All I could find was a commentary decrying that anyone is making such a big deal about this.

So then, what is the source of this controversy? All of the stories above only mentioned one name: Joshua Feuerstein.

My first reaction: Who?

His website describes his as “an American evangelist, internet and social media personality.” However, Feuerstein also holds to the heresy of one-ness Pentecostalism, thus denying the deity of Christ. Therefore, to suggest that he is a leader of the Christian Right or whomever is a stretch.

But here’s where the controversy comes in: Feuerstein recently declared on a Facebook post, “Starbucks removed Christmas from their cups because they hate Jesus.”

Really? I was not aware that Joshua Feuerstein was such a recognized leader of the Christian Right. Nor did I realize that the removal of reindeer, Christmas trees, and elves from the cups of a company that sells $5 coffees constitutes anti-Christian bigotry.

Here’s the bottom line: this is a tempest in a tea-pot; a manufactured crisis, if you will. With the exceptions of one online media personality and his followers, and maybe Donald Trump, almost nobody outside of some media outlets trying to drum up newspaper sales, Internet click-bait, and TV ratings really cares.

As for me, I am infinitely more concerned about Christians being persecuted in the Middle East, abortion, evangelism, the state of the American Church, and other issues than I am about whether a coffee company puts Christmas trees and reindeer on its coffee cups.


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